Carmen and Chris are high school sweethearts. Carmen was new at the High School for her senior year, and Chris knew he had to pounce before someone else got to her! jkjk  It was no coincidence they shared homeroom and had lockers next to each other. As High School ended they decided to focus more on each other, and have been together ever  since.

Chris knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Carmen, so he pretended to be going on an out of town business trip for work, and was supposed to be home the following day.  Little did Carmen know that when he left early in the morning, he wasn’t leaving town, but buying flowers, decorating the apartment and getting dressed up.  When she came home from work Chris came out of the bedroom in a suit with flowers and a ring, got down on one knee, and the rest was history.



Originally they wanted to have their wedding in a Castle, but there are so few of them in Southern California, and none that really fit their vision.  They wanted a place that would be private and special for their moderate guest count, close to the beach without the “beach house” feel, and  SEVEN4ONE was definitely that. They knew immediately after touring that this is where they wanted to get married.



Some of their favorite moments from  SEVEN4ONE include, the amazing rehearsal dinner for their friends and family, and the incredibly relaxed atmosphere of the whole weekend. As you can see below, it was a great party where all of their friends and family could be together the whole time.


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