Dani and Judd have had a connection since high school. After years of off-and-on dating, timing not being right, and life just seeming to get in the way, they decided there was a reason they kept getting brought together and agreed to make a real effort at a relationship. After some long distance dating, Dani moved to California to be with Judd!


Their two dogs are a huge part of their lives, so obviously Judd needed to make them a part of his proposal! He got the pups ready for a walk one day, and when Dani saw the bright green “MARRY ME” collars they were wearing, she instantly said yes! They chose SEVEN4ONE because they wanted a venue that felt like a weekend retreat, and could be completely customized. Their dream came true with all of their closest friends and family. Dancing the night away, enjoying the beautiful weather, and falling more in love!



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