Perryfield Films is one of our Preferred Videography Vendors, and honestly one of the best in the industry.  Their passion, creativity and attention to detail for videography takes them to the next level and can guarantee their clients with phenominal footage.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so you definitely want to trust your videographers – Brian & Ryan will take care of capturing all your moments!   We were truly honored to host their Launch Party here at SEVEN4ONE back in December.  We’re so excited for their growth and success and look forward to many more weddings together!


The truth about Perryfield Films is that they started their business, in January 2010, on a handshake. A simple promise between two friends, and have since grown their business to heights they only once dreamed of.


What started as a part time/side job for them quickly turned into a real business! By October 2011 they both decided to quit their current jobs and dive head first into Perryfield Films. Brian and Ryan never stopped learning though. They continue to try and deepen their understanding of film, equipment, and software; because its what they love, always getting better, never staying complacent for their clients. They pride themselves in their efforts to better themselves after every shoot.


To start the New Year, and looking forward, Ryan and Brian are really looking forward to the destination weddings they have booked! Traveling is something they both love tremendously.


Something that Perryfield Films finds exciting is that couples have really started to see the value in capturing their weddings on film. There is something so special about having the most candid moments of your life-changing day on film. One of their favorite parts of the job is filming the exchange of wedding vows.


“Whether they have been together for 10 years or just a couple, the true raw emotion during the vows is a moment that the couple will never be able to get back, and the fact that we get to use that as the main story line for their film is an incredible feeling”. – Perryfield Films


Brian and Ryan had always wanted to have a party here at SEVN4ONE. So, when it came time to launch their new website, brand, logo, and premiere a screening of an exclusive wedding they’d shot, choosing SEVEN4ONE was a no brainer for them. It was the perfect size for the amount of people they wanted. The screening went off without a hitch! Everyone enjoyed the food and drinks, while admiring the living green wall and beautiful view from the balcony.

Along with SEVEN4ONE, Brian and Ryan enjoyed working with a whole team of professionals:

LVL Weddings & Events

Christine Bentley Photography

Palos Studios

The Superfly Booth

Tim Espinosa Entertainment

Elevated Pulse

Love Me Sweets

The Bloomin Gypsy

Kage Design Studio

AND Web Design




When Brian and Ryan are not shooting weddings, editing, and meeting with clients, they particularly enjoy spending time with their families. They try to take a couple trips a year to keep things fresh and enjoy the beautiful scenery God has given us. They like to get out and play golf, play music, and watch sports.




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